Why Multiple Impressions Matter

March 27, 2017

Multiple impressions are important to maintain mind share (aka public awareness) and push people closer to a purchase decision. According to Think With Google, consumers need an average of 12.4 sources before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. There are many ways to ensure your audience is exposed to your brand on numerous occasions, and each is a product of a diverse marketing strategy.

Here are just three of the ways you can familiarize consumers with your brand.


Today’s consumers rely more and more on their electronic devices, so when crafting a marketing strategy one should start with an online component. Social media in particular makes for an ideal starting point, due to its popularity and the many advertising tools offered across platforms. Establishing a presence on the social media sites your audience is on is essential to building trust and awareness with this group, and building a relationship with them there is even more important. Whether through Facebook ads or organic Instagram posts, your business is sure to shine on social with the help of a Boca Raton advertising agency.


Advertising on Google through Adwords is inexpensive and can be very rewarding if done the correct way. Google Adwords gives you the ability to target based on whether a lead is in the buying or selling process, which is what makes the platform so valuable. In order to get the most bang for your buck, a solid understanding of SEO best practices and thorough research of your audience is crucial.


Print ads are still an important method of advertising. These advertisements offer many benefits, such as being tangible, more effective in enhancing credibility, and often more engaging than those online. There is far less competition for a user’s attention on a print medium, therefore this marketing tactic is one that cannot be ignored.

The importance of multiple impressions cannot be stressed enough, as each holds the potential to play a pivotal role in consumer purchase decisions. Give us a call today and let our Boca Raton advertising agency help you keep your business top of mind for your target

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