What is a lifestyle brokerage firm?

June 28, 2015

By now you’ve likely heard of a real estate brokerage firm being referred to as a lifestyle brokerage, but what exactly does it mean? Before we get into brokerage firms, let’s discuss a lifestyle brand.

A lifestyle brand is almost precisely what it sounds like: one that sells a lifestyle. This branding technique uses emotion to deliver more distinct experiences to buyers. This requires a crystal clear understanding of your audience and their definition of lifestyle and how it applies to your brand. Rather than product based, they are aspirational in nature, and offer the consumer more than just product benefits. Lifestyle marketing requires a singular, cohesive message, with a strong philosophy and a deep set of values. Through marketing, individuals idealize the lifestyle synonymous with the brand and thus become consumers who aspire for the lifestyle.

When it comes to lifestyle branding, there is nothing cookie-cutter about it. It requires carefully crafted messages infused with high-end design and creativity. It means giving the brand a personality, and ultimately yielding emotional engagement from the audience.


Simple. Don’t sell homes, sell the lifestyle. Instead of worrying about selling a 2x2 listing of a home, focus the advertisement on the lifestyle. Of course, that has to be carried throughout the brokerage's branding, messaging, and positioning. You can’t just put out a lifestyle campaign for your brokerage firm and think you’re selling the lifestyle. While the campaign is a component of lifestyle branding, there is more to it than that.

The impression your clients receive when they visit your website carries through to their first visit to your office. When buyers walk in to your brokerage firm, they should get a consultation that discusses different preferences of the buyer as it pertains to their lifestyle, instead of focusing on the home. Agents need to be savvy on the location and understand which home and location would best fit the needs of their buyers. Furthermore, the brokerage will offer full-service to their buyers including information, essentially, on living like a local.

In a world in where lifestyle marketing and branding are so crucial, a lifestyle brokerage makes complete sense. If you’re an agent wishing to do more than just sell homes, it would be wise to pair up with a brokerage firm that offers a lifestyle brand.

When either of you are looking for branding and marketing, pair up with us. Lifestyle real estate marketing is our niche. Welcome to Keenability.

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