Watch Out for These 4 Website Trends in 2018

January 10, 2018

When's the last time you took a look at your website compared to your competitors? Fashion trends are always changing and websites are no different. Here are the top 4 website trends we are predicting for 2018:


Searching from a mobile device is the new normal. It’s easy, accessible and pretty convenient. Yet, some websites are not mobile-responsive. This is a huge mistake, not only in the eyes of Google, but in those of your site’s visitors. Here is why you need to move quickly:

Google is getting very close to unleashing their mobile-first indexing algorithm. This means that sites will be ranked based on the mobile version of their content, even if someone is searching from a desktop. Check your website on your phone right now - go ahead, we’ll wait. If it is hard to find your most important and relevant content, 2018 is going to leave you behind.

Don’t even bother with a mobile-friendly site; go directly to a mobile-responsive design.


Designers have been using grids on the web for a long time, but it’s time to get rid of such a structured approach and embrace a site with more whitespace. Less is in!

Not only are these grid-less sites modern, they’re also practical. There are no large chunks of information bombarding the user. Nothing is more overwhelming than a site with a million different things going on. These new grid-less websites will be easy to navigate and the user can focus only on the information they really need.


What do “talk-to-text,” Amazon’s Alexa, and emojis have in common? They are quick and effective; just as all online engagement should be.

People are shifting towards simple interaction with all digital tools. Taking this into consideration, your website should be full of micro-interactions and one-step actions to help your user enjoy an effortless visit. Make it easy and straightforward - not slow and frustrating - for users to provide information, checkout, and find what they’re looking for.


It wasn’t too long ago that we joked about talking robots. Now, you can use chat boxes and artificial intelligence (AI) to do just that. This technology is able to scan information from your users and immediately answer their questions. This technology is going to have a huge impact this year, and can provide you an advantage over your competition.

For your website visitors, they’ll gain the ability to have their concerns and questions answered on the spot. For you, it can close leads. Don’t let your website become outdated or forgotten as new technology is introduced!

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