The Science of Marketing

September 18, 2016

Marketing has always been a healthy mix of creative and science, but especially nowadays when science reigns supreme. Marketing in today’s world is largely data-driven, and new marketing tools and technologies have changed the rules of the game. This goes against the traditional marketing path that companies have been following. In fact, many of the key skills for producing successful marketing a decade ago are no longer relevant. Now that’s not to say the game is completely changed. Good marketing still requires expert marketers. No matter how data-driven the industry becomes, companies still have the need for seasoned marketers who are able to blend technology with strategy — and most importantly, produce results. Technology may have added to the skill set marketers must possess to be effective, but those in the profession still need to have the ability to create, manage, design, and produce quality material. These skills are the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle.


The key to marketing a brand relies in the ability to blend creativity with the data-driven facets of today’s world. Data can reveal how well your creative content may be working, yet creativity is what delivers your brand message to your audience. One can simply not exist without the other, and both work far better when they are in sync. Companies often hire two agencies to assist with marketing efforts: one to handle the creative side, and another to handle the technology-infused aspects of the process. However, that is already changing because for today’s marketing endeavors to be successful technology and design cannot work isolated from one another. This makes enlisting a full-service agency all the more critical.

If your company is looking for assistance with digital marketing, website redesign, or anything of that nature, enlist a full-service South Florida advertising agency to achieve the best results. Our team of marketers, designers, and creators are here to make marketing easier for you, you just have to let us craft it for you. Call our office today for a free evaluation of your business’s marketing efforts.

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