The Rise of Transparent Marketing

April 18, 2017

In the past, a successful marketing campaign often meant painting the prettiest, most unrealistic picture, and glossing over any negativity completely. However, people now have access to a surplus of information, and as a result, consumers expect facts from the companies selling to them. Marketing and advertising agencies have responded to the audience’s desire for authenticity by designing campaigns that are more genuine.


Now more than ever, people are demanding the truth from businesses. Recently, two clothing brands have garnered significant press for taking transparent advertising to new levels. Aerie, the lingerie sister store for American Eagle Outfitters, was the first to attract attention for this, putting “real” right in the name of its campaign. The #AerieREAL campaign uses exclusively unretouched models, a major departure from the industry’s usual Photoshop-heavy advertisements. Recently, Target took a play out of American Eagle’s playbook, releasing its own marketing campaign with no retouching done to its models. As it turned out, presenting consumers with imagery that looked more like themselves proved to be effective for both brands.


How can other brands in different industries apply the strategy that Target and American Eagle using? For starters, companies can practice transparency in all forms of marketing — not just paid ads. While some transparency has always been demanded by businesses big and small, the nature of marketing today has made honesty a top priority where purchase decisions are concerned.

Social media presents one of the best arenas for businesses to demonstrate transparency to their audience. Photos that put a real face to the brand, live videos that give users an inside look, and simple interactions between the company and consumers are just a few of the ways to connect with audiences on social media. Aside from these platforms, businesses should focus on advertising a message that is attainable, and put themselves in the shoes of the consumer when crafting that messaging.

The way a business can, and should, demonstrate transparency is different for every industry, and a Boca Raton advertising agency can best advise on which strategy is right for your brand. If you’re in need of some marketing guidance, our team of experts is just a call away.

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