THE Business Card's Place in the Digital Age

January 15, 2017

It would seem that the humble business card would no longer have a place in this digital world of business; a world where a company’s contact information is just one Google search away and connections with potential clients are being made on Facebook. However, the business card remains relevant and here are the reasons why.


Whether you are networking at a convention or making a connection while on lunch break, the best thing to have with you is a business card. First, make personal connections with potential clients by talking with them — then give them your business card. This is a quick and simple way to expose potential clients to your brand. Most people still expect business professionals to carry business cards. Simply hand a potential client your card and you will avoid having to write down your contact information, coming off as sloppy and unprofessional in the process.


Not only will business cards give you a more favorable first impression, they ensure you are giving potential clients critical up-to-date information; information that could lead them to further connect with your company. With that in mind, it is important for your card to have your name, job title, company name, business phone number, work email, company web site, and the location of your business. It is best to have this information cleanly organized on the front of a 2 inch by 3.5 inch card. To ensure your card fits in most wallets or business card holders, stick with this standard size. Instead, to make your card standout, use thick high quality paper and consider a glossy finish.


Another key benefit of having a business card is that it puts a name and face to a business. An actual professional relationship will more likely develop if the potential clients can associate a business with the specific individual they have already interacted with. So, it is best to not only include your name, but also a picture of yourself on your business card, taking care to avoid a cluttered look. Since a connection can be made anywhere, be sure to carry business cards with you everywhere you go by keeping some in your wallet or business card holder. Don’t just hand out your card to anyone, be sure to establish a personal bond first. After you give a potential client your card, follow-up immediately by asking for their business card in return and then contacting them later on. This way, a first impression could lead to a long-lasting professional relationship.

While business cards should foremost provide potential clients with contact information, they should also help you stand out from your competition and can be used as an extension of your brand. An experienced graphic designer can design a card that accomplishes these three goals.

Our South Florida advertising agency’s team of experienced graphic designers and marketing professionals can enhance both your physical and digital marketing materials. Call Keenability today to find out how!

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