Taking Marketing Partnerships to the Next Level

March 4, 2019

“We go above and beyond for our clients.”

Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before. More than once. Unfortunately, what this looks like in practice is usually responding to an email quickly or haphazardly negotiating a media buy. For most, it's more a platitude than a promise - after all, consistently underpromising and overdelivering is exhausting.

The result? Compromise.

Normally, compromise is healthy - necessary, even. However, when it comes at the expense of vision, it is anything but. It’s this dedication to a creative vision that leads us here at Keenability to pour our blood, sweat, and tears into every one of our partners’ projects.

Chris Nemeth, the mastermind behind FaceSoft Towel Company, recently found himself scrambling before a trade show in Denver, Colorado. He realized his current booth display lacked creativity and didn't properly represent the luxuriousness and sustainability of his innovative towels. He challenged our team to come up with a solution.

The only problem was - what Chris needed couldn’t be ordered from a catalog.

When we first laid eyes on Chris’ previous setup, our team was completely dismayed by the dullness of his booth. Lucas, Keenability’s Senior Director of Design, suggested something more solid which could take advantage of the space's size constraints, while also displaying the towels smartly, thus making the booth more exciting and interactive.

Devising a mockup of the display to share with Chris for his feedback was the next step. In our experience, other agencies would shop around for a unique back wall at this point, and - not finding exactly what they or the client might have wanted - ultimately compromise on the design based on what was available. That isn’t our style. We had a vision, and we were dead-set on following through.

Chris loved our concept, and couldn’t wait to see the final product.

Other agencies might keep only their best interests in mind, and produce something that would guarantee them a return. Instead, this completely custom piece actually saved Chris money, as this hand-made back wall was constructed using common materials found at any hardware store. Lucas also pitched in his own free time to build this one-of-a-kind booth, resulting in a unique product that could never be exactly replicated, no matter the price.

Since the trade show was located in Denver, another challenge was ensuring the wall was easy to transport. To that end, Lucas broke the wall down in three distinct pieces that fit into Chris’ Jeep - and ultimately, onto his flight.

Other than the screws, bolts, and lighting fixtures, the wall was 100% wood. After carefully measuring and cutting, Lucas stained and varnished the panels, and with some help, mocked it up in our office to ensure everything fits together perfectly.

The end result was a truly unique piece that not only stood out and exceeded the client’s expectations but also could not be replicated by any competitors.

The design was a total hit at the Denver trade show, which Chris expressed to us afterward:

At Keenability, we take our partnerships seriously, and we truly are proud of the daily work and dedication from our team to provide effective solutions for our partners. No matter the task at hand, we take an idea and bring it to life for each and every client. After all, there is no greater accomplishment than the success of partners - and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure it.

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