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How To Grow Your Business Page on Instagram

Instagram is currently the third-largest social media platform with over one billion monthly users. It’s crucial for businesses to utilize the platform for all it has to offer. ‘A picture is worth 1,000 words’. Which is perfect for any business trying to show off the quality their market seeks. In this blog, our Boca Raton Marketing Agency elucidates how you can grow your Instagram page.

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Interactive Media Trends

It’s common knowledge that technology is constantly advancing, however, something less obvious is the rapidly evolving interactive media trends. From chat boxes to influencer posting, it's clear that consumers nowadays like to leave their mark on the companies they love.

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Should Your Ad Agency Be a Partner?

Almost every South Florida ad agency claims not to be just a marketing or advertising agency, but a partner. From an elusive resemblance of a partnership to full-service partners and everything in between. But for a client, what does a partner really look like? What constitutes a real partnership?

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