Successfully Rebranding Doesn't Mean Starting From Scratch

January 26, 2017

Rebranding is necessary for all company’s at some point or another, since most companies will need to revamp outdated styles for their websites or logos. But it’s no small task; it takes thoughtful self-reflection and consistent implementation of your new brand and message. Without the proper guidance, companies can make costly rebranding mistakes setting them back farther than they were before. Here are tips to help you rebrand without damaging or losing those qualities that make your customers love your company.


As mentioned before, some of the most common rebranding efforts stem from outdated logos or other aesthetic reasons. However, one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is neglecting their audience. By that we mean, that your clients are and should remain a company’s top priority. Your customers can provide you with invaluable insights as to what their needs are or their expectations of your company. By analyzing your audience, you can gain a better understanding of your current target market and cater to that group specifically. Some clients come to us and ask, “make me a really modern logo” expecting us to deliver an instant creation. With no analysis or preparation, what you’ll likely receive is a new logo that your old clients can no longer resonate with. This will make it harder for them to identify with you and your brand, no matter how long they’ve been patrons.


Like any other project, one crucial key to success is having clearly stated objectives for the job you wish to accomplish. If your goal is to expand sales to other regions, then a more versatile branding will most likely work best for you. On the other hand, if you’re already established in one area and you’d simply like to focus on a specific demographic, you should consider rebranding in a way that specifically closes in on this new target market. In other words, set your goals, and then plan accordingly.


Often overlooked is the importance of a thorough rebranding, one that covers all the aspects and also remains consistent. Rebranding that is done by concentrating on certain parts while disregarding others is doomed for failure. It will create a disconnect with consumers, especially if your new branding is very different from your prior one. It looks unprofessional to see several different branding ideas trying to work together when they clearly can’t. Unity and consistency are needed to strengthen your rebranded identity. The rebranding alone will take your customers time to get used to, so don’t add to the confusion by piecemealing your rebranding.

If you’re not sure how to get started with your own rebranding, we suggest reaching out to your local South Florida Marketing Agency for a quality rebranding that will build an even stronger identity for yourself and your business.

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