Stop the Annoying Promotion

May 17, 2015

Okay, so you want to sell your product or service. We get it! Does it mean that you have to annoy everyone to do it? For some it seems to be their only strength and capability. I’ve known many of those companies that rely exclusively on their sales people, who are (for lack of a better word) extremely persistent. I am sure you know the type; they hound you until you reluctantly give in. Anything is better than having to receive more phone calls from them. I am guilty of getting easily annoyed and giving in to pushy sales people.

Even if your company does not have pushy sales associates, your advertising and marketing techniques can still come off as annoying and pushy. These days anything that doesn’t feel authentic or organic can feel totally intrusive. When your advertisement seems to interrupt your audience, they are automatically turned off; hence it is not being effective.

Instead of putting your money on “promotion,” invest it in effective tactics that don’t interrupt your potential client. Social media and content sharing platforms provide a perfect setting for doing just that. But fear not, even magazines and newspapers can be a great place to advertise in an organic way. In addition to skillful advertisements, it’s important to note the following:

Your audience is looking for a greater level of customer service and less promotion. Rather than spending large sums of time and money on advertising, make sure that your audience is getting the right level of customer service. Customer service comes in many shapes and sizes. Part of it is reaching your clients where they are and making your advertising feel like it belongs and not as if it is interrupting their day.

Today, people expect to get the answers and services they want, customized precisely for them, in the exact moment that they want and need them. There are several of these moments and those are the best opportunities to reach out to them. Give them a seamless experience by marrying advertising and content without interruptions or trickery.

When your audience is watching a show, movie or event, people want information and they want it then. So be there. Provide easy access to your brand and keep the experience as consistent as possible.

This would be interrupting the audience, unless it is done before the movie or show, right? All the information available regarding your client should be used to target them in a more precise way. Your clients want custom tailored advertising, something that can be accomplished through the use of automation tools. It is imperative to deliver precise messaging with each touch point; the expectation should be met with every engagement.

You can have the best marketing in the world, it can feel completely organic and authentic, but if you then turn around and send your annoying sales team to close the deal, it won’t work. Every part of the sales funnel should deliver the same messaging: your audience doesn't want to be interrupted, much less with sales pitches that seem to want to trick them.

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