Stop Putting a Bandaid on Bad Marketing

November 30, 2017

Looking for a duct tape fix to a poor brand or ineffective marketing strategy? You’re definitely not alone. Time and time again, clients comes to us with this request, even if they don’t realize that’s what they’re asking for. We hate to break it to them, but it simply doesn’t work that way. Like Beverly Sills once said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” The same is true for marketing.

Take these tips from our South Florida advertising agency to find a real solution to your marketing problems:


If your marketing isn’t producing results, a minor change won’t turn things around. To determine the right approach, you’ll need to analyze your entire strategy. Start by taking a look at your brand. Does it accurately represent what your company stands for, while representing current design trends? Is it consistently communicated through all marketing channels? Does it stand out? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may be driving away customers.

If you do have a solid brand in place, you still may not be making the most of it. Do you have a thorough marketing strategy that’s guiding your efforts? If not, it’s no wonder those efforts aren’t working. Everything you do should stem from a strong marketing plan that’s backed by data — ideally one that’s created with guidance from a team of professionals who know your industry, and know what works.


So you’ve reviewed your current marketing and identified some key problem areas — now, what? This is typically where people try to cut corners, but we’re begging you to resist the urge. You have to be willing to invest in your own success. So, whether your business needs a new website, a fresh campaign, or some simple design tweaks to marketing pieces, don’t be afraid to take the plunge. That said, we understand that there may be some monetary limitations. If you can’t afford to do a complete overhaul right now, begin with baby steps. As long as you’re heading in the right direction, it’s better than standing pat.


Above all else, you need to place your trust in the marketing team you’ve selected. If your marketing agency suggested a full rebrand, chances are there’s solid reasoning behind it. After all, if you didn’t believe in their expertise, why would you have hired them in the first place? Of course, while you should always be open to guidance from the professionals, it’s important to voice your own opinion throughout the process. Nobody knows your business better than you. Therefore, a good client-agency relationship requires a bit of give-and-take.

Ready to find a real fix for your marketing struggles? It helps to work with the right team. Schedule a meeting with our South Florida advertising agency to get the conversation started.

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