Start your marketing for next season now.

May 21, 2015

Four months until the start of a new real estate season and it is likely you haven’t made any new marketing plans yet. If you are looking to launch a new brand or re-create an existing brand, the time to get started is now.

If you haven't already hired a marketing agency, then you are likely behind your competitors, who surely have already secured their marketing agencies or are very close to doing so. Four months may seem like a hefty amount of time, but it is not.

A professional marketing campaign takes time to plan and execute. If you are looking to establish a professional brand, you can expect to spend at least a month just in branding. Oh, and if you need a website that’s another two to three months. Then the actual marketing strategy easily takes three to four months.

These are all the standard objectives for marketing a new season, but if you are also looking to create a new campaign, then you might not be launching until November. While we’d love to tell you that we come up with the perfect tagline while in the shower, we don’t.

We go through a lengthy research process in which the creative team sits down to thoroughly investigate your current brand and that of your competitors. We then begin to outline unique selling points, as well as your competitive advantages. We then, also have to establish your brand position and the messaging that correlates with your brand. After that, we go through several directions until we conclude at the correct one. Only then, can everything else be created. Think about it like a house. If your client came to you with an empty lot and said, “I want to get this house built for this season,” you would laugh.

You’d likely tell them you’d be happy to market it for them the following season and explain that it would be a disservice to them to rush the project. You can’t skip the research or the planning and jump straight to the construction. A house needs a solid foundation which includes the planning phases. So does your marketing strategy. If you love what you see when you look at our brand, or the other brands we have worked on, it is no coincidence.

Everything that went into establishing the brand was planned purposefully — from our email signatures to the paint in our office, and everything in between. Our entire creative team gets together to brain storm and establish an effective brand and marketing strategy. If you are seriously considering rebranding, creating a new brand, or even a new marketing strategy— get started now! Stop reading and go.

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