Should Attorneys Engage in Direct Mail

November 29, 2016

You probably laughed when you read the question and immediately answered no. However, a good direct mail campaign can be extremely effective. Did you know that 74% of consumers can’t wait to find out what is in their mailbox? Yes, it’s true. We still get excited at the possibilities that await us in our mailbox. Not only do people love to receive nice mail pieces, but 79% of consumers immediately act on something received in the  mail.

If you’ve been spending time online, you know what fierce competition there is to gain the attention of consumers who exhibit  a short attention span. So why not rely on other touch points? The most effective marketing campaigns rely on reaching customers on multiple channels: search results, social media, direct mail, email, on-site, display ads, and even traditional media.

Do you fight traffic tickets? No doubt you make use of public records to reach these folks through regular mail.. Sure, people will do online searches, but you should reach them in more than one place. Making use of public records to reach potential clients IS a good practice. Of course, when it comes to public records, you’ll want to follow the laws of your State Board. There are plenty of rules that have to be adhered to.

Direct mail is not just a good way to reach potential clients, but it is also a good way to stay in touch with your referral sources. Whether your referral sources are past clients or professionals (i.e. attorney, accountant, etc) you can accomplish a lot with a good direct mail piece. Direct mail is smart, cheap and most importantly, very effective.

Like most people, you likely receive plenty of direct mail pieces — some of which aren’t worth your time and end up right in the trash. However, a good mail piece can make a huge impact. There are three key elements to make sure that your investment in direct mail is successful:

  1. The Headline- The headline must grab the reader’s attention or all hope is lost. Ideally, the headline will lead to the recipients reading more and following the exact path you want them to follow.
  2. The Copy- Postcard copy should include ONE strong call-to-action, or two at most. If you have tons going on the recipient will simply get confused. Also, avoid having too much copy to ensure that your postcard does not end up in the recycling bin. The copy should be clear and very concise.
  3. The Design- A good postcard must visually engage the reader. There has to be a perfect balance between graphics and white space so that the reader can focus on the message. If there is too much to read and excess graphics, the reader will become distracted and won’t grasp the message.

If you aren’t already engaged in direct mail, you might want to start as there are plenty of benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about attorney marketing then call your local South Florida Advertising Agency, with marketers who specialize in attorney and law firm marketing.

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