SEO Isn't Everything

May 16, 2017

It’s no secret that the average consumer turns to online searches first when in need of a product or service. As a result, every business is vying for a slot on the first page of Google search results, and SEO has taken center stage in marketing. Its place on that stage is certainly deserved. After all, our South Florida advertising agency is the first to tell our clients that SEO is an essential part in any successful SEO strategy. That said, some business owners seem to be under the impression that it is the only necessary component to marketing, which is far from the truth. There are many components of a strong marketing strategy, and SEO is just one of them.


Jumping into SEO without a strong brand in place is a good way to put your marketing dollars to waste. Your brand must clearly communicate your company’s values and goals to your target audience. In doing so, it builds a layer of trust with this group that enhances the probability that they will become customers or clients. Without it, SEO efforts will likely be ineffective.


The goal when investing in SEO is to drive traffic to your site. However, simply getting people to your site is only half the battle when it comes to building leads. You must also get them to perform an action, whether that means contacting you or purchasing your product. This can only be accomplished if your website is easy to navigate, with great design and well-written copy.

In addition to a website, a brand must establish its online presence in other ways. For instance, it is important that a company be active on the social media platforms its audience is on. Typically, we recommend that businesses have at minimum a Facebook account, but depending on the industry we may also recommend platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.


No business can rely entirely on digital methods of marketing. Traditional forms of advertising are still effective, and at times even preferable. Take law firms, for example. A well-designed billboard in a high-traffic location can make all the difference when someone who passes that billboard every day is in need of legal representation. In the real estate industry, sending postcards to prospective buyers and sellers, and advertising in magazines and newspapers continues to be vital. These traditional practices may be old, but by no means are they dated. No matter how dependent our society becomes on technology, these tactics will continue to have a place in marketing.

If you need help building a marketing strategy that can fuel your profits, our South Florida advertising agency has a full team of experts to ensure you have all of your bases covered. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation on your current marketing efforts and learn how your business can improve.

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