Product VS. Content Marketing: What's the Difference?

July 7, 2016

Technology has rapidly evolved, and consequently, so has marketing. Although many traditional marketing mediums like mail and television exist, many new methods are becoming more popular and influential daily. As a result, today’s marketing strategies typically fall into two categories: product marketing and content marketing.

  1. Product Marketing. Focuses on selling a product to a specific demographic through traditional outreach, such as paid advertisements, television commercials, and direct mail.
  2. Content Marketing. Intended to attract potential buyers by building a strong brand reputation through online content, blogs, and social media.

To help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of these two types of marketing, we’ve outlined some key advantages of each strategy.


  • Guaranteed Visibility. One major benefit of product marketing is that you are essentially guaranteed ample exposure. With product marketing, you get what you pay for. So if you have the funds to support a high-profile ad, such as a television spot during the Super Bowl, then you will know without a doubt that millions of people will see your ad. If you have a smaller budget and send out a mailer to 1,000 homes, then you will have confirmation that 1,000 people will receive it. Either way, you know for sure that your ads will be seen by a specific target audience.
  • Fast Results. Product marketing typically provides its returns right away. As soon as the advertisement is out there, your product will be at the top of consumer’s minds and you will not have to wait to see the impact of your marketing effort. However, these results will wear off quickly, too. Therefore, this approach is most effective if you want to get fast, short-term sales right away.
  • Straightforward Approach. Another positive aspect of product marketing is that the approach is much more straightforward than content marketing strategies. You don’t have to be subtle or try to hide the fact that it is an advertisement. Instead, you pitch your product and if consumers respond well to that pitch, they’ll buy it.


  • Budget-Friendly. Content marketing strategies are usually much more cost-effective than product marketing. For example, posting and engaging on social media is entirely free, although it will take time and energy to be done successfully. Therefore, content marketing is a great way to build your brand name without breaking the bank.
  • Long-Term Results. Content marketing strategies cannot guarantee immediate visibility like product marketing can, but they can guarantee better long-term results. Once the content is posted online, it is there to stay and will create value for an infinite amount of time. Conversely, a paid ad is only helpful if you continue to pay for it. Content marketing is the way to go if you want to make a name for yourself and build a solid long-term reputation for your brand.
  • Builds Customer Relationships. Perhaps the most significant benefit of content marketing is that it actively creates and serves to solidify a relationship with customers. Through online content, social media and engagement, customers will value and trust your brand resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction and retention rates. However, this approach can be complex. Building a solid relationship requires gaining brand visibility, recognition and consumer’s trust before making a purchase. Consequently, content marketing requires expertise and a long-term commitment to be successful.

When it comes to marketing, you can use a million strategies, but there’s usually only one correct strategy for your situation. At Keenability, we understand what is necessary for a marketing strategy. Whether you want to advertise a product with fast results, build your brand name, or both, we’ll work with you to craft the right marketing plan.

To learn more about how you can improve your business’s marketing efforts, give our South Florida marketing agency a call today.

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