Print Marketing Ideas & Tips

April 30, 2017

Print is not dead. Despite digital’s dominance in the marketing sphere, print marketing should still have a place in your brand’s overall marketing strategy.

  • A 2015 report by the Content Marketing Institute found that print and other offline promotion was used by 66 percent of B2B marketers, ranking it second of the top three paid advertising methods.
  • According to a 2014 Nielson survey, 56 percent of consumers cited mailed materials as their chief source of information used to make purchasing decisions.

Our South Florida full-service advertising agency has compiled a list of print marketing ideas and tips to boost your brand. From traditional print materials to cross-pollination media that uses print supplement your digital efforts, kickstart your print marketing today.


Print marketing materials come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be informative and can serve as a visual link to your brand, just be sure to keep your design and messaging consistent throughout all your brand’s print materials. Fortunately, using a professional printing service is often cost-effective. Here are some great ideas to start with:

  • Business Cards Should be wallet-friendly and have appropriate information to ensure customer or prospect is given full opportunity to further connect with your brand.
  • Posters, Banners, and Signage — Utilized within office spaces as well as your company’s booth at trade shows and expos to get attention for upcoming events, products, special promotions, and even your brand’s digital content.
  • Direct Mail, Brochures, and Post Cards — Presents information quickly to inform and remind customers and prospects of your products and services. These pieces should include your company’s logo, contact information, URL, and any information pertinent to your promotion, and if using an envelope, it should a branded envelope to optimize its impact.
  • Magazines and Catalogs — These high-quality branded magazines and catalogs are a great medium for your brand’s content marketing strategy. Effectively builds brand equity and loyalty among customers, even digital brands like Net-A-Porter and Airbnb publish their own offline publications.


The best print marketing campaigns are integrated with your brand’s digital marketing strategies. Combining your offline and online efforts not only allows you to flow traffic from your print materials to your digital content and vice versa, but it also allows you to track cross-pollination between the two forms of media and further analyze your customers’ data. When employing this method, keep in mind the following:

  • Keep messaging and visuals consistent throughout offline and online marketing materials.
  • Ask for feedback from customers to gain useful analytics of if and how they discovered your brand through your print marketing.
  • Use personalized URLs, QR codes, and unique coupon codes not only to prompt customer conversions, but also track traffic flow from print to digital.
  • Include Calls to Action to direct people to your email, digital newsletters, social media, and website.
  • Always feature email, URL, and social media handles on all print materials.

When it comes to your brand’s print marketing, it is best to invest in high-quality design, messaging, and print media. In our South Florida full-service advertising agency, talented graphic designers and content marketing creatives utilize these print marketing methods to create attention-grabbing pieces. While our strategist and digital marketing pros ensure your offline and online marketing is integrated for optimal effectiveness. Call Keenability today. Let’s elevate your brand!

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