Oh, the Places Your Logo Will Go

July 9, 2017

Business owners are constantly hearing how important it is to have an excellent logo, but what exactly does that mean? Essentially, the logo is the basis of a solid brand. It will represent your company in every regard, and thus you must enlist an experienced professional to steer you in the right direction. This designer will work with you to develop a logo that tells your brand’s story and communicates its values, while keeping in mind the various ways it will be used in your company’s future marketing efforts. For inexperienced designers or business owners who take on the task themselves, this all too important aspect might come as an afterthought, usually at the expense of the brand.

Over time, your logo will be applied in ways you can’t even fathom yet. Advertising is always evolving, and your strategy is bound to change at some point. So how do you select a design that accommodates this? When developing a logo, a designer must aim for a design simple enough to be applied anywhere, and original enough to inspire immediate recognition. Our South Florida advertising agency also recommends establishing guidelines for the logo, and most importantly, sticking to them.


The purpose of brand guidelines is to ensure the integrity of the brand is never infringed upon. The content will cover everything from brand colors, fonts, and you guessed it: logo application. Among other things, these guidelines will serve as the foundation for applying your logo to marketing materials, providing direction on how to appropriately scale the logo, preferred styles for certain pieces, and more. Without them, you run the risk of someone making a mistake that tarnishes your entire brand, like skewing the logo or using the wrong one altogether.


An excellent logo with thorough and consistently updated brand guidelines can be applied anywhere. Take for example the branding we recently finalized for our client GCG Group and its three subdivisions, GCG Events, GCG Catering, and GCG Ground. The chart below demonstrates how the logo we created for each company can be applied to anything needed for marketing and operations.

No matter your industry, a solid brand must come before anything else in order to achieve success. If you’re ready to establish a brand for your company, our full-service South Florida advertising agency is here to help.

Give us a call today to learn how our team of designers, developers, copywriters, editors, and marketing experts can create a brand that sets makes your business stand out for all the right reasons.

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