New Year, New Brand?

December 20, 2017

With the New Year fast approaching, many people are beginning to think about their 2018 resolutions. Most resolutions are based on improving oneself, so why not start with your brand? Unfortunately, by the time most companies decide to update their brand, it has already become stale. Our South Florida marketing agency has some tips so you don’t become one of “those” companies.

When deciding if your brand needs to be revamped, there are three questions to ask:


As your business evolves and customers grow, so should your brand. A great brand will evoke an emotional bond with customers and hopefully attract new ones. Consider what appeals to your audience. What do they value? What will make a memorable impression? Questions like these need to be considered in order to fulfill the ever-changing needs of your clients.


If your current look and messaging isn’t accurately conveying your brand’s mission and overall purpose, it’s probably time to return to the drawing board. Consider this: If your branding (colors, mission statement, logo) were mixed in with that of your competitors, would your target audience be able to pinpoint which ones belonged to your company? If your answer is no, you’ve got a problem. A brand needs to be both clear and original to be effective. There should be no doubt in a customer's mind about what your brand represents. Ideally, your brand should show customers exactly what you have to offer, and why they need you; thus creating a sense of trustworthiness.


Sure, the New Year is a time for change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the time is right to rebrand. It’s important to guarantee you have both the time and money required to carry out a successful rebrand. That said, if you answered “yes” to the other two questions, it’s probably a smart move to make some room in the budget. If you have the money but can’t spare the extra hours, enlisting a South Florida marketing agency is a great solution. Quite frankly, you should do so anyway to avoid making costly errors.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are three tips for successfully branding your company.

  • Be creative | Remember when we mentioned how important it is to stand out? Here’s how you do it. When approaching a rebranding project, you should be mindful of current design trends while adding your own unique flair. At the same time, you must ensure that your company’s story, tone, and personality shine through. The goal is to offer ingenuity while remaining genuine. Chances are if you aren’t a skilled designer, accomplishing this without the help of one will be incredibly difficult.
  • Be consistent | Rebranding requires change, but your new look needs to be consistent across all platforms such as social media accounts, websites, business cards, and email blasts. You put a lot of time and energy into your new brand, and should launch it proudly. On the other hand, if you hold stake in your previous brand, you might find the need to be consistent in other ways as well. Rebranding for you may not mean changing your name or creating a completely new logo, but rather updating your current brand to better reflect your company and current trends.
  • Be smart | Let’s just come right out and say it: Rebranding without the help of a professional is like flying a plane without a pilot. In a nutshell? It’s probably not the brightest idea. Launching a new brand isn’t something to be taken lightly. Ensure you do it the right way by seeking out a marketing agency with experience in your industry. The right team will be able to help you launch a fresh look, while considering future needs as well. At the end of the day, this is your best chance at making a sound investment.

Companies that put off a necessary rebrand ultimately miss out on opportunities to increase profits and connect with new audiences. Don’t make that mistake! Revamping your brand may seem like a daunting task, but with the right South Florida marketing agency, it will be the easiest resolution you cross off your list. If you need some help from our experts, we’re ready to take your brand to the next level.

let's get started.

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