Need Help Establishing Your Brand’s Message?

January 14, 2015

Companies are usually started with a core concept behind them; after all, establishing a company is no easy feat and takes determination. Over time, however, the core concept or reason for beginning the company tends to get lost. It can be blamed on loss of momentum, miscommunication, or lack of clientele.

Whatever the reason, the company shouldn't entirely abandon their initial goals. How do you prevent the company’s message from being tarnished? Put it in writing, make it clear, concise, and memorable. Not only is this a good way to keep your company focused in a specific direction, but it will also pave the way for consistent messaging through all editorial, paid, and owned media.

We've noticed a tendency for business owners to get in their own way when composing their brand message. They start off in one direction and very quickly change their mind about what their message should be. This is usually due to insecurity, or lack of believing that there is a large enough market for the specific product or service being offered. We're here to help you stay on target and do the research for you.

A general rule of thumb in marketing, is that there is profit to be made in niche areas when marketed correctly. No one knows your business as well as you do. Together, we will walk through the following steps towards assembling your company message and tagline: What are the attributes of your business? Does the branding of your company relate to who you are as a person? If you're a realtor or lawyer, your company and your personality are closely related. In this situation you are the representative of your company, so being honest, genuine, passionate, or driven, may be attributes that are assigned to your brand.

What, exactly, does your company do? It’s imperative to begin with the simplest, most straightforward definition. First, you want to focus on getting the message across clearly. Clients must first understand what you do, before they learn how you do it. What’s your unique selling point?

Here, we point out what differentiates your company from the competition. This could be anything from prices, to service, to availability of unique products or services. All of this information is incorporated into your brand’s message. Then, the final step is paraphrasing the key points, into a tagline approximately four to eight words long. This will allow you, and your team, to easily remember the purpose and objective of your company as you begin to market yourself and speak with clients.

We know this is a lot to take in and don't expect you do it alone, the same way we know that we can’t finalize a brand message and tagline for our clients without their input.

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