Monitoring Your Digital Agency Partner

July 30, 2019

Stating that the world of digital marketing is continually evolving and improving should not come as a surprise to anyone, but what is debatable is whether the digital agency you've partnered with has done the same.

Naturally, you want to ensure that your digital partner is putting in the maximum effort to provide the best results for your campaign. And partnering with the best means that your campaign will sit at the forefront of the latest technology ; after all, your revenue depends on it.


Go ahead, ask your digital partner. Not only are digital platforms evolving, but so are the behaviors of the consumers you target. A savvy digital partner is regularly looking for ways to take advantage of new tools and stays abreast of changing consumer behaviors.

Are you regularly receiving recommendations? Your digital agency should be coming to you with suggestions on how to leverage new options added to paid search, new tools available on social media, and the latest updates to the Google algorithm.

Be warned, we aren't saying that your digital agency should be diving head-first into every new tool and trend. We are saying they should be cautiously testing anything that can generates more conversions and decreases costs.

With that said, your digital agency should also ensure that your campaign is optimized to match the ever-changing behavior of your target. Perhaps when the campaign first launched qualified traffic was more likely to search on Mondays at noon, but not any more. Consumer behaviors aren't static; that's why ads must be carefully reviewed and updated.


Almost anyone can set up a digital campaign, but very few have the skill and coordination required to execute a successful one. We aren't just referencing changing keyword bids, or moving budget allocation around.

Your digital partner must make certain that all facets of the campaign are performing at the highest level possible. This is accomplished by monitoring queries, updating negative keywords, changing settings, modifying copy, etc.


Digital marketers often make the mistake of upping bids that produce more clicks, while ignoring those that might be generating more sales. They might be operating off of the philosophy that if there are more clicks to a particular ad group, the chances for a conversion increase. That, however, is not always the case.

There are so many reasons why clicks should not be used as the primary factor to increase spend or focus on one ad group versus another. For instance, the clicks can be coming from a less qualified pool.

Instead, it is necessary to know the path that your customers are taking, and whether your digital efforts are truly encouraging more of the desired action.

A savvy digital partner provides in-depth reports and insights into more than just impressions and clicks. A positively engaged digital marketer offers recommendations on how to achieve the right actions. They don't just say: "Well, we got more clicks from California, so we should spend more there."

Your digital partner should be committed to exploring every aspect of the campaign and how the consumer is interacting with it. Sometimes, the barriers exist outside of the ad, and those roadblocks must be analyzed in order to make improvements.


Site visitors, now more than ever, are less inclined to spend a great deal of time fumbling around a site. If they can't get to the answer or solution they are seeking easily, they'll go elsewhere. Need proof? Google has made it its mission to provide the answers to searches, without having to make a user click. That's right!Their snippets are designed to provide quick responses and to save users a click.

So when was the last time that your digital marketing partner evaluated or made changes to your landing pages? If they've changed the ad copy and the calls-to-action, they should have also made modifications to the landing page to reflect this. Otherwise, there is going to be a considerable disconnect, and visitors will leave and take their business elsewhere.


Like with all things, marketing campaigns tend to get stale. If Coca-Cola were still using the same ads from two years ago, their bottom line would be hurting. Instead, they have kept it exciting and relevant to their changing audience. Likewise, your digital agency should be coming to you with fresh new ideas every few months.

Based on new trends and information, it might be time to shift messaging, calls-to-action, and copy to attract customers. You might even discover some significant changes that are needed. At the onset of your campaign, some ads might have been critical , but now they are only expensive and producing no ROI.

An excellent digital partner goes through great lengths to warrant that your campaigns are optimized and as a result, successful. If your digital agency is only there to give you total clicks, impressions, and dollars spent, it is high time for a change.

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