Mass Marketing Doesn’t Work

March 30, 2015

It is time to stop mass marketing and start treating your prospects as individuals. Your prospects don’t care to be mass marketed to, so stop. There is no cookie cutter shortcut, marketing involves creating highly relevant content and messaging for prospects and customers, that are unique and of interest to the respective audience.

For smaller businesses this is a no brainer, yet many aren’t taking advantage of small scale connections that can play such an extremely important role in leveraging more business. We find that many clients still have the mentality of reach everyone. Many small business owners want to have a message that converts everyone that comes into contact with them or their website, into a buyer. However, marketing does not work that way, in fact, that has the opposite effect as it dilutes the brand.

Everyone who has money isn’t a potential client, and even those that are can be segmented. In order to be successful it is essential to remember that your clients are human beings, what does that mean? It means they are completely unique. In order to be effective in your marketing you must find their common ground and use that to market and reach that specific segment. This is why storytelling has become such a critical component in marketing. Keep in mind that the stories created must transcend multiple forms of media and be consistent throughout.

It is important as a marketer or as the owner of a business, to get your story out and have it be understood by the audience. Every business has a personality and that should be brought across. All channels must contain the same message so that no matter how the client views the information it feels consistent and trustworthy.

The brand experience has to be consistent, but it can’t carry the same message to the masses. With so many different ways to reach individuals it is easier than ever to specifically target messages. There is email, social media, digital advertising, etc. There are so many ways to uniquely and accurately reach an audience and enjoy much greater success.

As a business owner, you should leverage each of these tools to the best of your ability. This is one thing we always stress. We can’t treat everyone alike. Similarly you can’t have one advertisement talk about every single thing you do. It would never work. To get the most of your marketing it is best to create highly targeted messages and to be very consistent throughout.

Our marketing agency located in South Florida, specializes in creating consistent brand messaging throughout all of the marketing media. We help our clients reach the luxury high-end buyer. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level we’d love to meet you.

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