Marketing solutions for the real estate agent and broker

November 15, 2015

The real estate industry must rely heavily on marketing and advertising. As a real estate professional you must promote not only yourself, but also your listings. This requires two different marketing strategies but it starts with marketing your business.

The success of your real estate agency team or your brokerage firm depends on your marketing. The better you are at marketing yourself the more trust sellers will have when choosing to list their homes with you. As a client, you want to hire a real estate professional who dominates the market giving you the best chance of selling your property.

If you’ve been marketing yourself the same way for several years, it is likely time to reboot your marketing efforts. Our team of marketing professionals will help you create the right marketing strategy for your real estate team or brokerage, and help you generate more leads and referrals.

Our process is proven:

1. We begin by defining your goals and objectives, we can then create the best plan of action to achieve them. This also includes analyzing and defining your budget.

2. The next step is to brand your real estate company, this means giving you an identity to use throughout all your marketing. Without a strong identity you won’t stand out from your competitors.

3. We then create a client-friendly web presence that has IDX feeds built in. This will help keep your site current and will keep your prospects engaged. Your website will also be used as a tool to generate and manage leads. As part of your website design we will implement SEO best practices to ensure your website shows up for relevant searches. Additionally we will always include testimonials to help land more business. Our team will also produce content for your website, that means professional photography and copy.

4. We always leverage the power of social media. Just as communication is important offline, it is just as important online. Your clients are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more. If you don’t have time to manage your social media presence, we will. We offer social media management and social media training as needed.

5. The last step requires positioning you as a thought leader, we do this through engaging blog content, and video content. We will blog on your behalf and shoot videos of you regularly. If you prefer to handle the blogging yourself, that works too. We will get you set up and teach you how to post the blogs and how to best use them, including what type of content your reader is most interested in.

While there are plenty of other pieces to the strategy, this is the absolute essential core. As you progress you can add public relations, press, media planning, print ads, digital ads and more. We’d love to meet with you to go over the strategies that would work best for you.

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