Marketing Resolutions for 2020

January 7, 2020

The new year is synonymous with resolutions. Unfortunately, only about 8% of people complete their—often lofty—goals. Why is this? Perhaps many believe a year to be longer than it truly is, and create a nearly endless bucket list of tasks for themselves. More likely, however, is the simplest answer: they forget. 

This year at Keenability, we want to help you achieve all your marketing goals. We've come up with five tangible and straightforward resolutions that will be easy to accomplish, and that we’d love to help you keep track of! 

  1. Run a “Buy Now” Social Media Campaign

Unless you've never visited a social media platform, you are likely familiar with the "buy now" or "shop now" or "book now" buttons below the ads sprinkled throughout your friend’s and family’s posts. 

Ordinarily, you'll see an attention-grabbing video for something that you are already likely to buy (targeting on social media is great), and providing you the chance to do so without losing your spot on your feed. 

The CTA button should take the prospective buyer directly to where they can make a purchase—and once complete—return them to their regularly-scheduled scrolling. It makes life unbelievably simple for the buyer and thus results in higher ROI. 

If you aren’t making your products readily available for purchase on social media, you're practically forfeiting money and market share to your competitors. Wait no longer to get started with purchase marketing on your social media accounts. 

2. Focus on Good Design Every Day

Strategic, creative design is critical for EVERY business. This isn't just our opinion; it is a proven fact: Good Design Means Better Business.

What your brand puts into its graphic design is what you can expect to get back—and then some. If your design is poor, customers will interpret your product or service to be of inferior quality, and you'll miss out on their loyalty. 

3. Spend Some Time and Money on Your Website 

It is quite likely that the last time you performed some much-needed web maintenance was in the previous decade! It's time to change that. Not only is it extremely probable that the verbiage on your site needs to be updated, but the architecture backing it is more than likely lacking. 

One of the most significant issues we find are slow, non-responsive websites. The majority of consumers are browsing your site from a mobile device, and if it's not easy to navigate or fails to load they are headed elsewhere. Furthermore, speed isn't only critical for user experience—it is also a big deal for the search engines. 

Speaking of Search Engine Optimization (yup, it is still a thing), you should make sure that your website is set up to rank well in 2020. Pay particular attention to voice search optimization, as these continue to grow in popularity. 

"Hey Alexa, find a great design agency near me." 

4. Check-Up on Your Digital Agency 

We get it, you are busy, but are you too busy to make sure that your digital agency is delivering? We aren’t suggesting you quiz them on the latest technologies available in the digital world; however, you should check-in. 

Your revenue is dependent on your digital agency partner, so don't hesitate to request a review session every so often, and have them answer questions about your digital campaigns.  

It is crucial to make sure your strategy remains fresh and optimized, while also ensuring the existing approach still makes sense. It isn't uncommon for landing pages, ads, and even keywords to quickly become outdated. 

5. Conduct a Brand Audit  

The only constant is that nothing stays the same. Your audience is and will continue to change, but is your brand doing the same? One of the primary reasons businesses fail is they don't adapt to their audience as they move through their lives. 

Just as you go to the doctor for an annual check-up, you should perform the same for your brand. A brand audit will help you understand the current health of your company, where it is going, and how it fares among your competition. 

Your brand is your most critical asset, so make sure you keep it in check. Download our 7-Step Guide + Workbook for Auditing Your Brand

If you feel that you need more than just five resolutions to get your brand or company back on track, this is the perfect time to schedule a marketing consultation at our Boca Raton Marketing Firm. We look forward to working with you and getting your brand back on track for the next decade—and beyond! 


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