Marketing New Developments Takes Precision

New developments are sprouting up all over the country, and the South Florida area is certainly no exception. Though many of these competing areas are constantly aiming to differentiate themselves, developers fail to utilize the most noticeable avenue of doing so: marketing. Not just any marketing, however.

Marketing for new developments takes a specific set of skills, not to mention copious industry knowledge and experience. This can be attributed to the difficulty of setting yourself apart in the real estate industry. This is very evident in publications, where each real estate ad resembles  the previous or the next. New developments fail to stand out from the development down the block, and ultimately begin to blur together and become lost in the minds of potential consumers. This is where strategic branding and marketing come in. For your efforts, you’ll want to tap a real-estate-specific agency with a proven track record of positioning brands and conceptualizing unique campaigns. At Keenability, this is where we shine.

Before we dare create branding for your new development, our team investigates your entire business model, past, present, and future. We pinpoint your target audience, and analyze them as well. They’re the ones you need to influence, therefore the ads we design will resonate with them. After tapping into your target audience’s emotions, you can now influence their decisions and generate awareness within their like-minded social circles. This is where you begin to expand your reach. Developments present an opportunity for those who run in the same circles to join in a common space, and the marketing for your development must reflect that camaraderie as a whole. This messaging should be accentuated in every piece of your marketing: your brochure, website, social media, print campaigns, direct mail, email blasts, digital campaigns, and signage. Marketing will sell a few properties, while exceptional marketing will position you for the sale of your entire development, and the next one as well. That’s the beauty of a flawless foundation.

Are you a developer in need of marketing to propel your business to the next level? Are you   failing to reach your target market because you do not even know who your audience is?? Have no fear, Keenability is here.

Keenability is a talented group of creatives who have come together to put an end to average  and fruitless, real estate marketing. If you’re looking for exceptional marketing that will  differentiate your brand from competitors, the Keenability team would love to meet.

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May 2, 2023