Luxury condos require luxury out-of-the-box marketing

September 21, 2015

It seems as though a new luxury condominium complex sprouts up with each passing week. Local hot spots such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale are teeming with new construction, making it difficult to discern one complex’s marketing efforts from that of the building next door.

Turn the pages of any local real estate magazine, and you’ll discover twenty-plus advertisements that have hardly any differentiating qualities. Most display the same font style, same messaging, and same high-middle-end photography. Each brokerage tasked with selling the units “has been servicing the area for over X amount of years,” or “is the #2 ranked sales agent in South Florida.” Buildings submit their advertisements to the same publications, so each full-page ad blends in effortlessly with the next. At Keenability, we’re setting out to change this; we’re on a mission to #StopForgettableMarketing.


To stand out, you need to know who’s reading your carefully crafted advertisements. Who is in the market for a luxury condo? What are their hobbies and daily activities? What stage of their lives are they currently in? To create a campaign that will be fruitful and memorable, you have to pinpoint your exact audience.


Don’t ask yourself “what type of advertisement do I want to make?” but rather, “what type of advertisement do I want to see?” You also need to walk in the shoes of your targeted demographic to be able to identify what resonates with that audience in terms of real estate marketing. If you wouldn’t be swayed by your ad campaign, why would your audience?

As the resident expert in lifestyle real estate marketing for developers, brokerages, agents, and builders, Keenability would love to make your luxury condo stand out from the crowd. We’ll craft a campaign that’s tailored specifically to your building complex, but particularly, one that sets you apart from your competition, and can influence your target market.

Are you ready to stand out using luxury aimed, out-of-the-box advertising? Join us in the fight to #StopForgettableMarketing. Contact Keenability today.

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