Logo Elements for Success

April 22, 2019

A key question that a new company should ponder on when forming a brand vision is: What are our goals? The primary objective of a brand is to build a connection with customers. The perfect approach for branding takes into consideration customers' needs, competitors, and business goals. Comprehending the who, what, where, and why of your strategy will help you present an effective brand that will make a positive, long-term impact on your viewers.


Starting your own business from the ground up can be intimidating, especially when it is your first encounter with the intricacies of forming one. No need to fear! Today’s technologically sophisticated world offers businesses a wide array of platforms to portray their brand identity. Our Boca Raton marketing agency believes that before any company begins its widespread marketing campaigns, planning and developing a strong logo is imperative. No matter the entity, every organization, is recognized by a logo.  Therefore, putting in the time to research, sketch, and brainstorm is crucial to designing the right logo for your business. Having a unique logo will make it stand out from the rest, and most importantly it will drive results.


The effects that colors have on our brain must be taken into account when trying to influence potential customers. Hence, deciding which colors to use when constructing a logo is crucial for gaining attention and recognition. For example, red creates a sense of importance and urgency, while blue leaves the viewer with a cool feeling that permeates to their core.  So, use color wisely to convey your logo’s meaning and to boost its effect.    


For every business there is a most appropriate font. When selecting which typography will fit best, check out successful business examples. Doing this will give you a better understanding of what logo will fit your market. Keep in mind that fonts communicate different messages and will elicit emotional connections. Bolder fonts convey a more serious approach, while lighter fonts bring out a more welcoming vibe. Having a custom type will give your brand the edge it needs to be in front of the rest.


Don’t miss out on moments to drive website traffic! At Keenability, we are the branding forerunners. With a plethora of valuable knowledge and years of experience, we offer companies the opportunity to enhance their brand so that they can be easily recognized and remembered. Ask yourself, "Is it time for a makeover?” If you would like to learn more about logo design, give us a call. We will be more than happy to help!

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