Listing ads don't sell homes, agents do.

June 14, 2015

In today’s society, it is commonplace for real estate agents to put their primary advertising focus on listings, rather than marketing themselves and the lifestyle associated with these homes. While properly marketing your listings still matter, the real estate industry continues to place more emphasis on making connections, becoming a recognizable brand, and marketing the lifestyle. This more personable, emotion-evoking style of marketing can be executed in ways that will attract either buyers, sellers, or both. This all depends on the talent of the marketing agency you hire, however.


Who will come? Clients, of course. By placing priority on creating a well-known and respected brand, you’ll resonate with clients when they see your name, logo, or even something that reminds them of the emotion they associate with your brand. A listing ad can’t do that.


Your brand is an extension of your personality. Marketing your brand, rather than listings, will allow prospective client to relate themselves to you on a more personable level, before they even meet you. If your brand gives off a professional, approachable feel, clients will be more inclined to meet you, and that is when you can market your listings or selling abilities.

All in all, listing ads are like newspapers: outdated. Failing to successfully market your brand in itself will not only prevent you from relating with prospective clients, but from gaining awareness as well. If they don’t know that you exist, how can they hire you? That’s business 101.

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