Keenability named a Top Digital Agency in Florida by Designrush

September 3, 2021

One thing the past 18 months have mercilessly proved is professional Darwinism. Businesses that could pivot, adapt, and continue to provide value to their customers evolved to meet the new landscape. They became top bananas—while others went down swinging.

At Keenability, we weathered the storm by rolling with the punches, getting creative, and doubling down on more of the catchphrases that most of our staff is probably sick of hearing. Our most important asset however, has always been the deep-rooted trust we’ve established with our clients. It’s defined not by our words but by actions; don’t talk about it, be about it, as one of our fearless leaders likes to say.

Still, it’s nice when that commitment to action breeds bunches of buzz.

We’re excited to announce Keenability’s recognition as one of DesignRush’s top digital agencies in Florida. DesignRush is the preeminent B2B marketplace for brands searching for their next long-term marketing partner. Their representatives survey thousands of full-service, web design, digital marketing, and technology companies every year, before determining those behind which to throw their substantial support.

It’s a humbling honor, and one we take a lot of pride in—but it won’t have any influence over how we operate. Instead, it’s validation that our combination of authenticity, transparency, and expertise works, and is, well…a-peel-ing.

Ready to partner with one of the state’s top digital agencies? Let’s get started together, today!

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