Interactive Media Trends

August 26, 2019

It’s common knowledge that technology is constantly advancing, however, something less obvious is the rapidly evolving interactive media trends. From chat boxes to influencer posting, it's clear that consumers nowadays like to leave their mark on the companies they love.


More recently, many companies have begun to personalize their interactive media with ventures such as tailored advertisements and product suggestions based on organic searches. Considering each consumer has unique tastes and preferences, this savvy approach has proven to show a significant increase in relationships with customers with 88% of marketers  seen improvements.

Moreover, retailing sites have implemented algorithms so that when a consumer is looking at a specific product there will be similar items also offered, giving additional options based on their style. So for those customers who favor online shopping, it has become easier than ever.


Another trend many companies are adopting is the accessibility to customer service, especially in the form of chat boxes. Whether a bot or a real person, these chats have a huge impact on the speed and ease of communication between the customer and company. For some businesses, this can be the difference between a sale and losing to a competitor. Consumers sometimes have a question about a product and don’t have the time to wait for an emailed response, or to be placed on hold for hours. Most chat boxes are available 24 hours a day, making it more reachable for people in different time zones and facilitating an expedited response.

Additionally, voice and visual searches are commonly offered as an alternative to physically typing questions, helping consumers find products or get their answers even faster. With smart technology, the convenience of speaking to a smart device and have it perform a search can’t be beat.. It even goes so far as to allow users to post a picture, and the search engine will find the specific product or service.  


With social media being so prevalent in people’s lives, many companies have jumped on the wave of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing takes minimal effort for companies, yet yields significant sales. This type of marketing is very different from the standard loyalty rewards points, where an influencer’s code is tracked by how many people that influencer is reaching and how many sales are made from their postings. The reason influencer postings drive many people to purchase the products is due to the authenticity of the posts, since many influencers will not endorse a product they wouldn’t use themselves. As a result, business end up having more targeted sales, and the influencers either get free products or discounted rates.  

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