How to Take a Mobile-First Approach to Marketing

March 28, 2018

Whether you’re creating a website or a social media post, chances are your target audience will view it on their phone first. So, why are so many businesses still treating mobile as an afterthought? It’s time to start putting mobile users first, and develop marketing made for this audience.

Here are five simple steps you can take to make your marketing mobile-friendly.


Having a responsive website used to mean simply shrinking your desktop site down to a smaller screen size. Unfortunately, many are still relying on this approach, but today’s users need more. The desktop site likely has some features that will not transfer well to a mobile device, and those aspects can’t just be ignored. Instead, the design should be customized for mobile, with content that resonates better with a mobile audience. Then, test it on multiple devices to ensure the user experience you intended is actually delivered. Don’t stop there, either. Everything from email blasts to social posts should be tested on multiple devices to guarantee responsiveness. We get it, it sounds like a tall order — but with the right Boca Raton marketing agency, it can be accomplished.


It’s no secret that one’s attention span isn’t at its peak when using a mobile device. Therefore, grabbing a user’s attention here is far more difficult, and even more important. Add interest to your website, social media posts, ads, and emails by using a diverse mix of content, high-quality images, eye-catching video, and varied (but always legible) fonts. Bonus points if your videos autoplay and your images are interactive.


Given how difficult it is to capture attention in the first place on mobile, it goes without saying that simplicity is key. Keep the number of clicks required for users to perform the intended action to a minimum and be sure to display important information and calls to actions prominently to boost conversion rates. Also, take the steps to speed up your mobile website load time. The harder it is for a mobile user to access your site, the less likely they are to want to use it – or your company’s product or services.  


If you haven’t caught on yet, the mobile experience is far different than the desktop experience. While wordy web pages with little user interaction and few graphics elements might have worked once, those days are over. Here are some formatting tip for appealing to the mobile crowd:

Use bulleted lists:  Lists like this one help mobile users distinguish one point from the next, ultimately making your content easier to digest.

Opt for short paragraphs: When lists aren’t appropriate, paragraphs with short sentences are the next best thing.

Prioritize mobile needs: Make social sharing options easy to find, and be sure to make phone numbers and email addresses clickable.


Mobile users’ needs change by the day, sometimes even by the hour. In order to succeed, your business must be adaptable. That’s why even the best digital strategies and websites have expiration dates. Luckily, your analytics area is a treasure trove of information when it comes to untapped opportunities and potentially fatal flaws. Take advantage of them to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t, then take the necessary steps to make sure your efforts all end up in that first category.

If you’re ready to put mobile first, you’re going to need a solid market team in your corner. Let’s find out if our Boca Raton marketing agency is the right fit for your needs.

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