How Do You Know if You Are Following the Blind?

February 22, 2016

Have you ever noticed that certain industries tend to stay stuck in a marketing rut? We’re talking about the ones that still rely on print and web design trends from over a decade ago. If you haven’t noticed, just take a look at the stack of postcards in your mailbox. Our intent isn’t to call out any particular industries, but we have noticed this to be an alarming tendency in law firm and real estate marketing.

With this said, we encourage you to take a moment to consider your marketing initiatives and your sources of inspiration. Do you observe what’s going on in other industries or are your marketing initiatives always based on what your competition is doing? Are you mimicking your peers, but giving it your own “twist”?

Typically, using competition as a reference guide is a good rule of thumb, but make sure that you’re using someone who knows what she is doing as an example. Also, remember to use this information only as a guide and not as a flawless model to follow.


  • Ask your clients who they are noticing and why.Once you have gained the trust of your clients, you should ask who was their second choice and why. Try your best not to guide them in your answer, and avoid having any predetermined assumptions.
  • Observe fresh marketing trends outside of your industry and make a note of anyone successfully applying it in your industry.Keep an open mind to new trends. You don’t always need to go bigger and flashier to generate attention; sometimes doing this can have a negative effect on how potential clients perceive you and your brand.
  • Ask outsiders for insight. Understanding how the average person views marketing done by your competition and peers has its value. . We’re not suggesting that you base all of your decisions on the input from people outside of your industry, but it’s good to ask because you never know what valuable information they may provide. '
  • If you have a trusted marketing company that is recommending against it.Yes, you do know your industry, but your marketing company knows marketing. When your impulsive reaction to mimic someone in your industry is creeping in, remember that you sought the assistance of a marketing company because they are experts in their field. Rather than dictating every move, collaborate with your marketing team.

It might be tempting to respond to your competition’s changes of direction with a similar action, but the best transformations are usually the ones that are pioneering and unexpected. Keep this in mind as you strategize.

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