Growing Your Brand

February 19, 2020

Right now, as you are reading this, companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are working on the next phase of technological innovation: Artificial Intelligence. In preparation, many companies are now tackling 5G as this will make running AI’s on mobile devices practically effortless. As this type of technology improves, companies are working to decide which type of content to produce. A great example of such efforts can be seen through Netflix, which relies on various artificial intelligence algorithms to gauge whether a show or movie will be popular. Yes, such numerical sequences can make for incredibly accurate predictions, however, it lacks a crucial element that consumers require—human interaction.

Spread the Word 

What encourages people to support a certain product or company is simple in concept: the story being told. What makes your product or service different or special? Is it your company's history, its materials, or goals? All are taken into consideration by consumers. In order to launch a successful marketing campaign in 2020, companies need to get their stories out to their audiences. Emphasize WHY you put so much hard work and effort to grow your venture. Of course, simply spreading the word is not enough. People want to feel heard and special, so tailoring to their likes and needs is an important concept to keep in mind.  

Getting Social

One influential marketing strategy for growing a brand is word of mouth. According to Nielsen, consumers are more likely to try a product or a specific brand of services if a friend or family member recommends it. To spread your story, you’ll need to make use of social media. Consumers go to places with a purpose—even when it is trying something new—often because they encountered it through their social circle. After building your online presence and emphasizing your company's personality, move onto more promotional messages, such as sales, new products, and incentives.  

Creating a Loyalty Program 

Companies are now shifting to include loyalty programs as their effectiveness becomes more well known. Loyalty programs greatly increase customer retention as consumers react to and take advantage of the incentives granted to them. You can offer free products or discounts after hitting a target number of purchases, for example. This gives customers a reason to come back because they are gaining value from their loyalty. It is also a way to express your company's appreciation to its continued fan base.

Personalized Information 

Beyond loyalty programs, a new trend that is sure to see continued growth is personalized marketing. Have you ever gone into a clothing store, coffee shop, or mechanic, and notice they have all your relevant information on hand? They have your shirt size, the amount of sugar you prefer, or which car parts are in need of replacement on your vehicle? It shows a certain attention to detail that all consumers appreciate, and helps to create a smoother process when it comes to determining which products are right for which clients. 

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