Full Service Isn’t Always Full Service

July 8, 2015

Many real estate agents seek full-service solutions for their marketing needs. They’ve begun to focus their time and resources on finding a single digital provider, thinking it will be the answer to all of their marketing needs. However, these standardized website-creation tools are just one aspect of a complete marketing plan.

While they might seem appealing, these all-inclusive services are lacking in many areas. There is usually little thought that goes into your branding, and your site ends up feeling very impersonal and inconsistent. These “full-service” companies will place your existing logo on a brand new website, leaving you with a final result that just ends up looking like a first-year programming student’s final project.

Additionally, you will not get the dedicated personal attention you deserve as a client. These large companies lack the time and resources to dedicate to you, your brand, and your company. Your website and SEO strategy will not end up reflecting your unique brand.

These services also fail to provide the integrated marketing solutions that allow a real estate agent to stand out. Real estate agents use a variety of tools aside from their “just listed” and “just sold” postcards, listing brochures, listing presentations, and other digital marketing. It is in an agent’s best interest to work with an agency that can seamlessly integrate their clients’ marketing plan across every platform.

If you are looking for a true, full-service marketing agency that handles web strategy, digital ads, print ads, design, and branding, we’d love to meet. Keenability is a boutique creative team that partners with brands to make their business, our business. And we really care about our business.

Contact us and let us show you the true meaning of full-service.

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