Foreseeable marketing changes in 2015

January 2, 2015

Technology is ever-changing, and with it so does the way we market and advertise. Keeping up with all the advances is a difficult task for experts, but even more so for business owners.

In 2015 we expect to see many more advances and changes on how and when we communicate. We will likely see more emphasis on newer social media platforms, new apps and ways to market on those apps, and entirely new concepts like using wearable technology on a regular basis.

Social media will continue to make leaps and bounds as it further integrates with other pieces. Social media has been around for some time now and its presence is stronger than ever! Different platforms are focusing on collaboration rather than competition, understanding that each platform offers its unique advantages and people don’t want to be forced to pick one over the other, but they want to use all of them when appropriate.

From a marketing standpoint it’s necessary to keep a close eye on changes that come about with each application update. Some of the changes experienced in 2014 include, the Amazon integration on twitter, and the Facebook Local Awareness ads.

Social media will include more than just Facebook and Twitter. Depending on your target audience, you may need to start looking at different social media platforms to share content. Given that most people are currently using other apps, but very few marketers are using them, 2015 is the prime time to get a head start. LinkedIn has shown a lot promise for B2B marketing, newer features such as LinkedIn Pulse allow business owners to distribute full articles to their target audience.

With less competition on alternative social platforms — such as, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Foursquare, Tumblr, Vine, and Snapchat, to name a few —the marketers who choose to use these channels can make a much larger impact. Part of successful marketing is giving the audience something new, advertising on an unexpected platform does exactly that, effectively.

People will be significantly more connected with the introduction of wearable technology. Wearable technology is on the horizon for 2015, including the widely known iWatch. What is a better opportunity for marketing than something that a large percentage of people will not just carry in their pocket, but actually wear all the time. Cellphones gave us insights into people’s lives that we would have never imagined, but wearable technology will take it to the next level.

It’s still unsure what the marketing possibilities will be for this new technological wear, but it is definitely something that the marketing industry will be studying quite closely. We don’t know exactly what to expect in 2015. The one thing that is certain is that there will be a lot of changes and new marketing opportunities.

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