Developers Should Care About Real Estate Agent’s Marketing

November 1, 2015

As a developer, you’re looking to hire the real estate team that will get the most out of your new development, and will do so most efficiently. Usually, these are the real estate agents that have the most exceptional marketing, and that’s no coincidence.

This makes it vital that you, the developer, exercise due diligence in selecting the team to take over the sale of your new construction project. This situation requires even more attention if the development in question falls under the category of luxury. In that case, you’ll need top agents partnered with a strong luxury marketing agency.

If the agents you hire to sell your newest creation are lacking in the marketing department, help them employ a marketing agency. An agent or brokerage firm that has the solid footing of a marketing firm behind them will make a stronger connection with the audience that you’re looking to attract, influence, and ultimately convert.

Marketing agencies provide expert advise. Additionally, they posses the knowledge and tools to reach a select audience, and are able to devise campaigns that resonate with that exact target market. Quality luxury marketing can certainly set you or your agent of choice apart from the competition, which will ultimately facilitate a steady increase in transactions and revenue.

If you’re a real estate developer, brokerage firm, or agent that’s looking for a team of luxury marketing experts to take your brand to the next level, Keenability would love to meet. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

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