Designing a Site That Attracts Legal Clients

October 9, 2016

When allocating marketing dollars in the legal industry, website design isn’t necessarily viewed as a critical component. As experts in attorney marketing, we’ve seen evidence of this time and time again first hand. Even though industries that once might not have valued marketing are realizing its importance, quality design is still often not prioritized. Instead, SEO  serves as the top concern of many. While SEO is certainly a key component of successful digital marketing, it can be useless without other strategies in place. Without great design, your website is doomed to be an ineffective tool for generating new clients.


A website is one of the primary ways your firm communicates with prospective clients in the digital sphere. When someone visits your law firm’s site, it should be evident that the site is your own at first glance. Your site should showcase your brand in a way that is attractive to the visitor. In doing so, it should evoke your brand’s intended perceptions: confidence, expertise, experience, and so on. Likewise, content should work in tandem with design to communicate this as well. As an attorney, enlisting a talented designer is essential for achieving this.


The design of a website’s interface is also a vital factor in its success. The interface will directly influence the experience  a user has when visiting your site is what will truly dictate its success in generating leads, and as such it should be your firm’s top priority. The architecture of your firm’s site should lead a user through its various pages effortlessly and in a way that makes sense. Additionally, prospective clients should be able to easily find the information they’re looking for, which is only possible with good design.


Technology evolves on a daily basis, and a website that fails to evolve with it is destined for failure. If you want your firm to stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that your site be updated regularly to adhere to the public’s expectations. If you allow your site to become outdated, users will quickly click away. The needs of your user have likely changed, so you need to work to meet them. Website visitors may not have needed a site that worked well on mobile 10 years ago, but responsiveness is essential in today’s world. Don’t let your firm’s site be left behind. If you have questions about website design, you’ve come to the right place.

Call (link to contact) our office today for a free consultation and start getting the best of both worlds for your website: top SEO rankings and positive user experience. It’s time that attorney marketing steps into the 21st Century.

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