Crafting a Brand Voice and Mission Statement

November 3, 2016

Two key elements of a content marketing strategy are a brand’s voice and its mission statement. These components are interdependent, meaning you cannot create a strong mission statement without having a brand voice. Similarly, a brand voice is guided and reinforced by the mission statement. The brand voice should inspire every piece of content a business crafts, while the mission statement should capture your brand’s identity. Both elements help characterize your brand and make it unique in the eyes of customers. A Boca Raton marketing agency can help you begin your content marketing  journey, and here’s how you can work with them to get things up and running.


  1. Anthropomorphize Your Voice
    Anthropomorphism is the act of personifying non-human forms. In other words, your brand voice has to sound human. Customers will better connect with your brand if its voice sounds genuine and not robotic. A good technique is to assign your brand voice a personality. Use three words to describe that personality (like warm, committed, and efficient) and detail how your voice can demonstrate those personality traits.
  2. Listen and React to Customers
    Effective communication is a two-way street. This is especially true in content marketing. When creating a brand voice, be sure to take into account the voices of your customers. Not only what they say, but how they say it. Review the language and tone your customers use to interact with your brand. Formal or informal, serious or light, and so on. Your brand voice should try to match your audience’s voice; this ensures your content is appealing and understandable to your customer base.
  3. Keep it Consistent
    After you have decided what your brand voice should sound like, make sure it is being used in all the content you create. Your content writers, video producers, social media managers, and so on should be familiar with the brand voice and try to represent it within their work. All of your content should use a consistent language, style, and tone. Only then can your brand voice be heard.


  1. Decide Your Statement’s Purpose
    This is the basic outline of what you want your mission statement to accomplish. First, ask what it will communicate about your brand. Will your mission statement define your company’s operations or explain how you carry out those operations? Will it identify who your customers are or describe the reasons behind serving those customers? This vital aspect of the process has to be decided with the target audience in mind. Will your statement speak to your customers, employees, partners, or the overall community?
  2. Get Leadership Involved
    Your brand’s leadership team must have an active role in the creation of the mission statement since the beginning. Your company’s leaders have to believe in the statement or none of your employees will. And if your employees don’t believe then nor will your customers. Every leader has a unique perspective of the company that is brought to the table. Each of these perspectives should be taken into account. The common terms and themes within each leader’s individual missions can be connected in an unified and comprehensive mission statement.
  3. Reveal the Final Product
    After the statement is crafted, it should be shared with everyone in the company. Employees are some of the best brand advocates. Showing them the mission statement will not only help them better understand their company’s identity and goals, but it will help them communicate those ideas to your customers. A mission statement is useless if it remains unknown; showing your employees the statement is the first step to spread it to the wider world.

A Boca Raton marketing agency can craft distinctive and engaging content that can strengthen your brand. With our expertise, our team can create content that will exemplify your brand voice and reinforce your mission statement. If you are ready to start or improve your content marketing strategy, call us to find out how we can help.

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