Changing the real estate industry

February 19, 2015

When it comes to the world of marketing, many industries find it hard to keep up with changing trends, either because they lack the experience or because they lack the funds. Luckily competition leads to innovation.

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, particularly here in South Florida, thus the leaders in the local real estate industry are stepping up their game. We are excited to be a part of this dramatic change that is taking the real estate industry by storm.


Savvy real estate agents decided they wanted something better than their brokerage could offer them. For most agents having the support of a brokerage firm who can handle their marketing is perfect. Top-producers who need their own brand identity and can’t rely on the marketing provided by a brokerage firm. Real estate agents as well as real estate agent teams took notice and started branding themselves separately from their brokerage firms.

Real estate agents such as the Jills, paved the way for other agents to change their way of thinking on the matter of advertising. Reality TV also played a role in generating interest for real estate agents. The trend stuck, and now more and more real estate agents are professionally branding themselves independently.


Not yet. There is still time for real estate agents to help pave the way in changing the real estate mentality. Real estate isn’t about the listings, it is all about the agent. Listings come and go, the brand that remains is that which belongs to the agent. We are pretty excited to be a part of this changing landscape, and hope that this is a trend that won’t stop with just real estate. We don’t think it will. We believe that all service providers will eventually want to brand themselves and that they will stop promoting their offering and start promoting themselves.

The focus should be more about creating a connection than the sale. As was made obvious by The Big Game, for advertising to be effective it must change and evolve or fail to achieve the desired result.

As leaders in the industry we partner with other leaders to help take their marketing to the next level. If you are looking to upgrade your brand, we would love to help.

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