Branding Mistakes that Drive Away Customers

April 5, 2017

First impressions matter and your company’s brand is what consumers are exposed to first. Errors in branding could damage consumers’ perception about your company and drive them away immediately. The South Florida digital marketing experts at our Boca Raton boutique advertising agency have compiled a list of common branding mistakes to avoid.


Consistent branding increases your company’s recognition. Branding has to be consistent across all the platforms and media being utilized, including websites, social media accounts, ads, digital and print assets. What many business owners fail to understand is that just that branding goes beyond the logo. Your visual and written assets must always align with your brand identity and tone. Our excellent design team is skilled at creating brand style guides to ensure consistent branding for our clients.


Using current design trends for your logo may make your company’s branding look fresh at the moment. However, if it’s a fad that is out in a couple of years and you find yourself “touching up” or changing your logo and branding accordingly, then you may lose the core brand identity. If you see a trend that interests you, observe it for a while to make sure it is long-lasting before incorporating it into your brand design. If you’re unsure about whether is worth adapting your logo to a trend, then you should work with a designer with a history in branding design.


After a few months, some business owners start getting bored of their company’s branding, not necessarily the logo itself, but the shade of the color being used or the application of design elements. Here’s our view on that, refrain from rebranding or changing the design of your collateral unless it’s absolutely necessary and you’re intentionally redoing the entire brand. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Changing, even small, things too frequently will muddy your brand and make it unrecognizable to your market, and probably lead to loss of potential income. If you are going to make changes, keep your company’s current branding and core values at the forefront during the rebranding process.


Content marketing is a significant part of branding. Written content represents your brand as much as visuals. And just like the visual branding, your content must be distinctive, recognizable, and has to say something about your company. Vague language, overused buzzwords, and exaggerations make your brand appear untrustworthy or ordinary. Our skilled content marketing professionals know how to create original messaging that will elevate your brand and resonate with consumers.

Call our Boca Raton boutique advertising agency to speak with one of our South Florida digital marketing experts today. We can help you avoid these branding mistakes and elevate your brand.

In the end, branding should not only make a good first impression, it should make a lasting one.

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