Why Your Brand Is More Than Just A Name & Logo

July 25, 2019

Some companies believe that a catchy name and logo alone will grab customers’ attention. However, in our experience, it’s usually not enough. So, how can you strengthen your brand to stand out as the cream of the crop? Our Boca Raton marketing agency suggests building customer loyalty through a reliable brand, which is essential to thriving in today’s competitive market. If your brand is trustworthy, you’re more likely to grow and prosper in your industry. We work with clients to create or improve their brand and image, which is the first step to building trust and establishing a brand character.

People generally connect better with a “living” character. Take a moment to think about brand individuals such as The Geico Gecko, Flo from Progressive, and Ronald McDonald from McDonalds. When you animate your logo or your brand character you immediately give it a personality, a voice, and a view of the world. Consumers relate to this better than to a static image.

Creating a brand character increases a company's recognition, one of the most powerful tools in marketing. For example, people all over the world can easily recognize a McDonalds, Apple, or Coca Cola product. In the US, almost everyone can tell it’s a Geico commercial as soon as they see that Gecko pop up on the screen. These companies have done a tremendous job of creating a brand character and image that built them very reputable brand recognition. Just one question still stands. “How can I build my own Brand Character?”


Take a step back and focus on assessing your company’s roots and values. If the company or leadership from within doesn’t represent what your brand character is, then you may come off as inauthentic.

After determining your company’s values, beliefs, and strengths. It’s time to get creative…

Let’s begin by figuring out the qualities your brand character needs to best represent your company. One good piece of advice is to take a look at something called the archetype wheel. Each segment shows a different type of personality that can best suit your brand character. Some companies aim for something funny, while others aim for something serious; this all depends on what you believe would best align with your company’s image. When it comes to choosing the archetypes for your brand character, the sky’s the limit. If you want one trait, two, three, four or more, go for it—as long as  you are certain that it would appeal to your audience.

Brand Archetype Wheel by Clay Ostrom | Map and Fire


After determining your brand’s key archetypes and personality, it’s time to decide your character. The personality your company resonates with and the archetypes you’ve chosen takes a considerable amount of research, thought, and planning as it will represent your company’s image. Ask yourself whether you’d like to take some aspects from an original or established brand. An original allows for customization, but it will take your internal team and customers longer to understand who it is completely. Alternatively, choosing an established character allows your team to easily recognize its traits and quickly develop cohesive and authentic messaging. If the team has done its job right, the traits will be easily identified by your audience, and the connection will be immediate. Again, the key is to create a character that represents your company and relates to your audience.

Every company should focus on brand awareness. A good brand allows your audience to understand your company's values aligned with its actions, and it aids in establishing a brand identity. Creating a brand character is a process that every team should have to undergo mostly for the learning experience it provides.

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