Blending Your In-House Team With an Agency

January 10, 2018

As a full-service Boca Raton marketing agency, we serve as an extension of our clients’ teams in many ways. It’s not uncommon to find us supporting a client at an event, posted up in their office to talk strategy, or even visiting them on location to film a video. However, that doesn’t mean we discourage in-house marketing.

We’re always just a call away when a client needs us, but there’s just something about having a marketer in the office around the clock. We get it, and we’re not here to tell you that person or team isn’t beneficial. In our eyes, it’s not a question of either/or. In fact, we can work pretty well together. Even the world’s biggest brands with fully staffed marketing teams look to outside agencies for creative assistance, and it’s because combining these two options is a recipe for success. That’s why we’re sharing our top three tips for expertly blending the two to make marketing magic.


You can’t get to your destination without knowing what it is, and marketing is no different. Understanding what you need and how to best fulfill those needs is essential for getting a strong return on your investment. You need to carefully evaluate your budget and objectives in order to determine what kind of talent you should have in-house, and what skill sets are better to outsource. While full-service agencies like ours can handle any marketing task you throw our way, some might be more financially sound to tackle in house. In that same vein, turning to an agency for creative work is usually far less expensive than staffing a creative director and design team in house — and it’s more effective. So, identify these areas, and only bring on an individual (or several individuals) who can meet your needs.


As with any successful partnership, there need to be guidelines in place. Take the time to consider any areas that might produce confusion, and address them before challenges arise. In doing so, you’ll save yourself plenty of time, money and stress. Who will be responsible for responding to social media comments? How will key information be relayed to your agency? What kind of design collateral is your in-house marketing manager capable of producing on their own? Answer these questions and any others that apply at the beginning of your partnership for smooth sailing.


Nothing sinks a marketing agency’s ship faster than lack of creative freedom, and the success of our efforts will sink right along with it. Your in-house team plays an important role in maintaining and strengthening your brand’s vision, but so does your agency. After all, there’s a reason you sought us out in the first place. Ensure your marketing department builds up your agency and gives them the freedom to succeed, or else it will be your bottom line that suffers.

Whether you have an in-house marketing team that needs assistance or you’d rather our Boca Raton marketing agency fulfill all of your marketing needs, we’ve got you covered. It all starts with one conversation.

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