Are you a Social Media Monster?

October 30, 2017

During the Halloween season, we embrace all things scary. That includes a wide array of monsters, each more frightening than the next. However, while these monsters are a staple for celebrating the spooky holiday, there’s no place for them on social media. Yet, far too often we come across them.

If one of these five social media monsters sounds like you, it’s time to revisit your strategy with the help of a South Florida digital marketing agency.


You’ve heard of ghosting, right? Two people begin a relationship, when suddenly one cuts ties and all communication with the other, offering no explanation. Believe it or not, there are “ghosts” on social media, too — and you may just be one of them. Quite frankly, you could fill a number of graveyards with the accounts that were created, shared a few posts, and then fell off the face of the earth. At this point, you might feel relieved that your brand doesn’t fall into this category. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not guilty as well. You may just be in limbo, posting once then making followers wait several months before they hear from you again. It’s time to shed the ghost image and create a consistent content sharing schedule, because trust us, they won’t wait forever.


Social media is all about giving your brand a personality, so if you’re playing the mummy and keeping what sets your company apart under wraps, you’re not going to grow your following. There are plenty of ways to show offer transparency through your online accounts and allow users to build a real relationship with your company. One of the best methods of doing so is by providing an inside look at what it’s like to work with you. This can be accomplished through sharing photos, videos and even livesteams that showcase your team and your process. You might also post results or work samples which substantiate your qualifications. Above all else, ensure everything that is posted on social media is true to your brand.


Needless to say, being social is an important aspect of social media. If you showed up to a friend’s Halloween party and the only interactions you had with other guests revolved around selling your services, most people would consider you rude, or at least strange. Social norms dictate that you contribute something valuable to the conversation, and social media is no different. Regardless of the platform, your posts should be diverse and always useful for your target audience. This might mean sharing a blog post with industry insight they can’t get elsewhere, informing followers of the latest news in your industry, sharing photos related to your business, and yes, sometimes even promoting your services and accomplishments.


Bigfoot may be celebrated for its elusiveness, but emulating these actions on social media is not advisable. If a follower interacts with you, responding promptly is key for maintaining that relationship. This is true even if that interaction comes in the form of a negative review. By replying to even unfavorable comments quickly and sincerely, you show authenticity that facilitates trust. In addition to responding to others, engaging with users without being prompted is also essential for growing your digital following. Use hashtags to find users who are talking about topics relevant to your industry, then start a conversation with them. This will make your brand more personable, which is important for succeeding in the social media world.


Just as posting infrequently is bad for your brand on social media, so is posting too often. We’ll call this the zombie, because essentially you’re chasing down your followers in the same way those guys run after human flesh. The ideal frequency for sharing posts will depend on the platform. For instance, while several posts per day is perfectly fine under Twitter’s algorithm, doing so on Facebook will likely lead to your posts ranking lower on your followers’ News Feeds, or not showing up at all. Take this into account when developing your social media strategy, and be sure to stay consistent for the best results.

These are just a handful of the ways you could be scaring away followers on social media. If your strategy isn’t working, it’s time for a change.

If you’re ready to revamp{ire} your strategy, don’t be afraid to seek out a South Florida digital marketing agency for some guidance. Keenability has a full team of experts who can help you make the most of your digital presence.

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