Are AD Agencies a Thing of the Past?

July 28, 2016

With the advertising industry changing so rapidly, the question that plagues us all is: are ad agencies a thing of the past? The wide range of agency choices available today seems to have devalued the services offered by marketing and advertising firms alike. This perception has many thinking that agencies will soon be history, but that’s just not the case. Here are three ways our South Florida marketing agency is tackling this situation:


Nobody really knows what a “full-service” ad agency is anymore, but there’s a bright side to this downfall. With all of the various marketing tools, strategies, platforms, etc., agencies have endless opportunities to hone in on specialty areas. If firms can offer very specific services that satisfy a niche market, the ability to deliver exceptional results for clients is significantly increased. Essentially, specializing provides the opportunity to choose the areas of marketing an agency’s team knows best and concentrate on perfecting them.


The way ad agencies are viewed has changed due to higher expectations by a more educated public. Today, ad agencies are seen as suppliers in the eyes of clients and no longer as partners. As marketing professionals, we need to get back to fostering partnerships and act less as service providers. Highlighting the partnership aspect of the client-agency relationship is key for building trust and achieving success. In order for advertising firms to remain in demand, this approach to business is a necessity.


There is a common misconception among business owners that whatever an agency can create can be better produced and managed in house. This way of thinking stems partly from the mistaken belief that agencies lack skilled personnel to justify the fees associated with outsourcing advertising. In a sense, this creates a lack of trust from the get-go, and it’s up to the agency to make clear why the partnership will be mutually beneficial.

If your company is looking to build a partnership with an agency that will craft unique solutions and yield impressive returns, we’re here to help. Give us a call today.

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