All blog content is not created equal.

October 19, 2015

You’ve decided to set up a blog, which is a good first step. Along with potential clients being able to trust that you’re knowledgeable about the latest industry topics, you’ll also receive all the SEO benefits that come along with website content. Here comes the “but”: not all content is created equally. That’s rule number one.


A content mill is a business that employs freelance writers who are generally amateur in skill. They create content for websites at an alarmingly fast pace, and for a an economically viable  rate. If it’s starting to sound too good to be true, that’s because it is. Whoever started that saying, they were probably once duped by a content mill.


Many content mills produce blogs that offer no value to the reader, and are simply written to fulfill a keyword quota and garner undeserved SEO attention. What is even worse, those writers do not know the brands or internal voices of the companies they are writing about. The writers hired to create this content are usually being paid per word, or per article, so that is all that matters to them. The money the content mill is saving is then passed onto you, the client. Now, saving money is cool, but atrocious content is not.


While a content mill may write a blog specific to your brand, that  piece may be used for another client looking for the same topic. This is not good, because Google frowns upon duplicate content. If your site and another site share the exact same content, both will be punished in the SEO department, causing you to fall in the search rankings you worked so hard to increase.  .

An effective, interesting blog will do wonders in forging new client relationships and earning respect from industry peers. If you’re looking for blog content created with a purpose, and tailored specifically to fit your needs, Keenability would love to meet. We love partnering with exciting brands and achieving their most ambitious goals together. Contact our team and learn more about becoming a Keenability partner today.

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