5 Steps to a Successful PR Launch

March 10, 2017

Here’s an unfortunate truth about the world of business: if you launch a product or service, your target audience may not come running — unless of course you have an excellent public relations strategy. An effective PR launch is capable of grabbing your audience’s attention, spreading awareness, and even increasing your customer base. At Keenability, our South Florida public relations specialists are skilled at getting the word out about your brand, and we recognize that you might not be familiar with the extensive process required for doing so. Below are five essential steps they take to develop and execute successful PR launches for our clients.


Before pitching any reporters, posting any social media posts, or even writing one line of content, brands should have a strong understanding of who their customers are and what they want. It isn’t just about knowing that a market exists for your new service or product, it’s also about identifying potential customers’ needs and concerns that your brand will be able to address. Then, you can learn more details about your target audience, like demographics and the types of media they consume. By knowing your target customers, you’ll be able to develop the key message at the center of your PR launch, as well as choose the methods you will use to communicate that message.


Once you have the central message, it is time to spread it by wrapping it into high-quality content that people will want to share. Content should focus on your target audience’s interest, as well as on a human element like stories of employee successes or positive customer/client experiences. These components encourage users to share, which of course is always the goal. Case studies are one way to get this information across, as are press releases that detail a satisfied customer’s relationship with your product or service.


Content doesn’t have to be just text. At our Boca Raton advertising agency, our gifted graphic artists work directly with our public relations department to design infographics and pictures to enhance press releases, blogs, and social media posts. Your brand’s product, service, and team, as well as case studies can also be showcased through videos online live events. Remember to post this content on your website and social media accounts.


Any public relations specialist will know that an essential part of securing coverage is building relationships with journalists that cover fields relevant to the brand. However, these aren’t the only connections you need to establish for a fruitful PR launch. You should also connect with relevant influencers who are willing to share your content with their own followers and extended social networks. Content shared by an influencer will seem more authentic, even receiving 31.8 percent more social shares. Influencers can also make their own content featuring your brand’s service or product for added authenticity.


Strategic partners are businesses or professionals operating in related fields and industries that can boost your brand. These kinds of partnerships can lead to co-authored content and even co-hosted events, both of which will increase your reach (and your partners’) on account of your combined audiences. Using this method will also lend credibility to your brand, since these types of partnerships can also serve as two-way endorsements.

Whether you want to kick start an exciting PR launch or revitalize your brand’s overall PR strategy, our South Florida public relations specialists are here to help. Call Keenability today to find out how our Boca Raton advertising agency can meet all your public relations and digital marketing needs.

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