5 Components of a Solid Media Kit

July 18, 2017

With email serving as the primary method of communicating with the press, sending media kits via snail mail has become far less common. However, that doesn’t mean that press kits should be considered a thing of the past. These packages are just as important now as they were 10 years ago, providing journalists with any necessary information and photos all in one place. So, how do you know how to make a kit that’s effective? That’s where our South Florida marketing agency comes in.

Before you dive in…

Prior to putting together your media kit, there are two things you will need to consider. The first is the channel you will be using to disseminate your kit. Even though email reigns supreme when it comes to press communications, there are many instances where sending a media kit via traditional mail is preferable. For instance, if you’re launching a new product and informing the media, it’s advisable to send targeted journalists a sample along with your press kit through the mail. When sending the kit via email (as is often the case these days), use the opportunity to incorporate links and media. This version of your press kit can also be featured on your website, giving journalists who are interested in your company easy access to everything they need to cover it.

The second aspect you must consider is what will be included in the media kit. Keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all.” The contents that should be included in the kit will ultimately depend on the industry, the business and the news itself. That said, there are some key items you will want to ensure are present to increase your chances of receiving coverage. Below are our South Florida marketing agency’s five must-have pieces for every media kit.

1. Press Releases

The goal when sending a media kit is of course to obtain coverage, so it makes sense that press releases would be an important thing to include. In addition to the most timely release, you can also incorporate past news releases to allow the journalist to get to know your company.

2. Company Overview

You’ve given the reporter a taste of what makes your business worth covering, but he or she still needs to know who you are. An overview of your company is a great opportunity to answer their questions before they ask them, as well as offer up your backstory. Include important details like when you were founded, what you offer customers or clients, and any awards or other recognition you’ve achieved.

3. Key Bios

At this point, the journalist has gotten to know your company and what’s newsworthy about it, but he or she still needs to know the faces behind it. Include in-depth bios for the founder, executive leadership and other notable team members.

4. Media Assets

The visual aspects of your media kit not only make it more engaging, they also serve an important function for the journalist who will likely need to incorporate photos into their story. Photos that should be incorporated will ultimately depend on your industry, but at minimum high-resolution headshots, work samples, and logo files in various formats should be included. You might also consider adding in a video and photos of your office.

5. Contact Sheet

Finally, your media kit should include all essential contact information. In addition to an email and phone number where your primary contact can be reached, also link out to your company’s website and social media accounts. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the reporter to cover your story, and providing this information does just that.

When it comes to constructing your media kit, the sky is truly the limit. This fact can be a bit intimidating to those who lack public relations experience. If you need help standing out amongst the crowd, our full-service South Florida marketing agency has a team of PR professionals that are ready to help your company shine. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation on your business’s marketing efforts.

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