4 Ways to Remodel Your Real Estate Website

June 26, 2016

Real estate websites aren’t just ordinary sites. They’re a collection of constantly changing, ever-evolving pages of timely content. When a property goes on the market, a new listing page goes up and once that property is sold, it typically vanishes from the Internet. This makes real estate websites a little more complicated than your average site. However, there are ways to optimize your website in order to facilitate its upkeep while creating a superior appeal. If you think your real estate site could use a makeover, consider these tips for improvement.


Just because a property sold, doesn’t mean you need to take its listing page down right away. In fact, clearly listing that a property has sold quickly will demonstrate the efficiency and success of your agency. Just don’t forget to add links to similar properties on that page to redirect interested buyers who searched for a property in that area.


A great way to balance out the ever-evolving listings on your real estate site is to add some static content, too. Consider adding an “about us” section with the history of your agency, team photos, and bios. Personalization is a great tool to connect with potential buyers and sellers in your area, and demonstrate your passion and expertise.


Location is a major motivating factor when it comes to buying a home, which should certainly be addressed on your website. Sell the area. If your agency serves an entire state, add a page about what makes that state a desirable place to live. Break down the state into smaller regions, too. Create a page for each region or district that you serve and highlight the unique features of each one. Focus on the benefits of living in a metropolitan area versus the suburbs, and viceversa. This will give buyers a better idea of what location fits their lifestyle better. Go even further, include lists of schools, video tours of neighborhoods, event calendars, and even relocation guides to engage viewers on your website.


One of the most important parts of any real estate site is the contact information, so make sure it’s visible. Put you agency’s phone number in the side bar or header to ensure it is always accessible from every page. Include a contact page with all of your agents’ phone numbers and email addresses, a contact form for email inquiries, and a map of agency addresses and locations. It’s also helpful to add the realtor’s contact information next to their listings, so that interested buyer’s can get in touch with the realtor right away.

If you think your real estate site could use a renovation, our South Florida marketing agency can help. With expertise in real estate marketing, website design, and search engine optimization —we’ll make your site stand out from the rest and usher in quality leads. To learn more, give us a call today.

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