3 Tips for Writing an Effective Call to Action

July 5, 2016

Whether you realize it or not, a call to action is a critical component of any effective marketing effort. The call to action is the portion of your ad copy that tells the consumer exactly what you want them to do. Ensuring that a call to action is effective isn’t an easy task. Doing so requires in-depth research and a keen understanding of your target market. Our South Florida marketing agency understands these challenges, and more importantly, how to overcome them. So we’ve pinpointed some key guidelines for you to follow to make consumers respond to your advertising.


Think about it, which are you more likely to click on: “visit our website,” or “will you visit our website?” If you’re anything like the average consumer, you probably picked the former. Your audience wants to know exactly what you want them to do. The fact of the matter is, most people will not read through lines of copy to decipher how you want them to act. For this reason, it’s always advisable to begin your call to action with command words, such as call or visit. This is especially true for digital advertisements, where you have a very limited number of characters to convey what you want customers to do. Make it short and sweet, and always be concise.


Whether your ad is in print or digital, your top priority should be to make it stand out to the reader. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as making it bolder than the rest of the copy, boxing it out, or opting for a different text color. If it catches your eye immediately, you know you’re on the right track.


When writing your call to action, be mindful of what type of device your ad will show on. If you are running a mobile advertisement, try using a call to action that starts with “call,” and links to a phone number rather than a landing page. This approach will reduce the steps from initial point of contact to conversion, streamlining the entire process for both you and the consumer. The easier you make it on your customers to produce the desired reaction, the more you increase the chances of them following through.

Your call to action can truly make or break your website, ad or brochure. The weight of your efforts essentially rests on these few words. In order to make your call to action effective — the marketing, copywriting, and design teams must work arduously in tandem to deliver the final result. With all the components needed for success, the help of a South Florida marketing agencygives your business a clear upper hand for crafting calls to action that work.

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