3 Marketing Trends You Must Know for 2018

January 11, 2018

Even though 2018 has barely begun, our Boca Raton marketing agency is happy to talk all things marketing for the New Year. It’s time to take everything we learned over the past year, and use it to refresh your marketing approach.


In a perfect world, every customer would become a loyal advocate. While this probably isn’t going to happen with every client, there are ways to boost customer allegiance.

Lifecycle marketing aims to make future and current clients repeat customers by explicitly focusing on their purchasing journey. The stages of a customer’s lifecycle include:

  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Use
  • Loyalty to a product or service

Start by making a plan to attract, grow, and “wow” your customers to increase sales. Targeted landing pages, personalized messaging, and incentives are great techniques. After all, who doesn’t love when the spotlight is on them?

With more technology at our fingertips, the ability to reach customers (on the keyboard) is easier than ever. Tread lightly however, and keep in mind that overwhelming a prospective client with too much advertising can appear overly aggressive and deter them. More does not mean better.


Lifecycle marketing isn’t possible without a customer engagement strategy (CES). CES encourages your audience to share the experience you created for them. Ultimately, they may become vocal advocates for your brand. Simple things such as on-time deliveries, listening and responding to clients’ needs, and having an authentic brand are all things that contribute to a customer’s experience.

This year, we will see much more content marketing involved in customer engagement. Videos, blogs, and social media sites are effective ways to increase your customer’s engagement. 62% of millennials reported that if a brand interacted with them on social media, they were more likely to become a loyal customer.

Encourage your customers to post reviews on such platforms. Glowing testimonials peak people’s interest. Your customers will market for you.


Customers trust brands that stay true to their word and deliver on their brand promise. A clear understanding of what you are providing goes a long way. Transparency is critical for today’s consumer. A testimonial video leaves little room for wariness about your brand. More companies are streaming “behind the scenes” videos on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Live in order to give their customers a better idea of exactly what they do and how.

We’ll be transparent with you. We work around the clock to ensure your company gets the attention it deserves. If you want to find out more about our strategies, click the button below and get in touch with us!

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