3 Elements of an Engaging Facebook Business Page

July 27, 2017

With most online consumers using social media and most social media users on Facebook, the importance of a company having a Facebook Business Page cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are creating a brand new business page or updating the one you already have, you must do so methodically. Your Facebook Business Page is a social media marketing tool to get your company found, build an online following, and engage current and potential customers. To ensure the highest effectiveness of your page, our Boca Raton full-service advertising agency outlines three elements that will encourage engagement from your audience, and encourage loyalty. Aside from the basics of setting up a business profile, using a recognizable, attractive, and fit-to-size profile picture and cover photo, and featuring visuals and videos in your posts, these are lesser known characteristics of an engaging Facebook Business Page.


There are many options (i.e. “Contact Us,” “Watch Video,” “Sign Up,” or “Book Now”) to consider when choosing which CTA button would fit best with your business and/or digital marketing objective. Appearing just below your page’s cover photo, the CTA button is a great way to drive Facebook users to your website. It can also be linked to content already published on your Facebook page, increasing views on, for instance, the Facebook video you want to promote.


Targeting tools aren’t exclusive to Facebook advertising, you can target each of your posts to specific audiences — known as organic post targeting. Click on the bullseye icon at the bottom of any post and set audience metrics. Use criteria like gender, age, location, relationship or educational status, language, or interests to identify your Preferred Audience. Use Audience Restrictions to identify audiences to avoid, in other words, users who might not want to see your content.


Make it super easy for your followers and fans to reach out to your company by allowing direct messaging on your Facebook Business Page. With this option enabled, followers can message you privately through your page — an additional customer service channel for your company. However, don’t enable direct messaging unless you are sure your company can contribute enough time and resources to monitor these private messages and respond to them promptly.

The impact of Facebook on the social media marketing for many companies cannot be downplayed. A Facebook Business Page serves as an essential online gateway connecting companies with online consumers. Yet, many businesses fail to optimize their business pages by not utilizing Facebook’s complete offering of tools and features.

At our Boca Raton full-service advertising agency, we work to optimize our clients’ social media strategies. Need help meeting your social media marketing and other marketing objectives? Call Keenability today!

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